Want some cool kitchen chicken items?

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Hi guys, [​IMG]

    Just wanted to let all you kitchen chicken lovers know where you can get some very nice items.

    There is a line of products called Temp-tations that is sold exclusively on QVC. They are durable, beautiful, functional and in this case whimsical!!
    Today only all items are on 5 easy payments which means you have 5 months to pay but get your items via UPS to use and enjoy right away. Also QVC has an unbeatable return policy. Return in 30 days or less and a get a refund no questions asked.

    No, I do not work for them in any capacity. This is just a superb line of products and the chichen/rooster pieces are absoluely adorable. A must have for you chicken lovers, like me, who spend alot of time in the kitchen. Lots of colors and patterns from which to choose.[​IMG]

    Go to QVC.com and check it out! Good stuff, good prices.[​IMG]

    (you can search Temp-tations, or chicken and rooster)
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