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    I have some huge, 2 yr old, Black Cuckoo Maran hens (one is the French type with feathered feet/shanks) and they reside with two of my true Araucana Roosters, Rudy and Spot. Spot is young and has not been proven to breed but I've gotten plenty of chicks from this cross with Rudy and they are Sex Links since the hens are barred and the rooster not. Most were rumpless, none should be tufted since Rudy is clean faced but if Spot has any input to this, there just may be some tufted too, he is double tufted and rumpless.

    By then end of this auction, I'll have collected at least 12 nice dark chocolate colored eggs and the chicks from this cross will be considered Olive Eggers that have the pea comb, which is a dominant gene and connected to the blue/green egg laying gene. Leg feathering is possible as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Shipping is a flat rate of $14 and each of the eggs are dated and no more than 7 days old, kept cool and turned daily.
    I make no guarantees for hatching, written or implied, since I can't control what happens to them after shipping. Payment by Paypal only at this time and only to the continental US.

    This auction is for 12 hatching eggs plus any extra I have on hand at the time and I will include a couple of green eggs from my Araucana/Ameraucana cross hen (rumpless/clean faced) that's in with two of my tufted Araucana roosters to make it more fun.
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