want to buy bands for the turkeys and soon-to-be-hatched quail

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by bkvail, Mar 15, 2009.

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    I have 4 BBB turkeys I'm going to grow out for thanksgiving/christmas - and have a slew of quail eggs (jumbo coturnix) in the incubator - I want to get bands so I can keep track of ages of the quail as they grow and I get new hatches, etc., so I want to band them. I figured I might as well band the turkeys too so maybe I can figure out what sex they are as they grow, etc. Not like it matters much as they will be eaten, but will help my curiosity anyhow!
    So, where do I buy bands? (Like plastic slip-on colored/numbered type) and what sizes should I get?
    With my rabbits, they get tattoo's, so keeping track of stuff is easy - you can't tat a bird though, LOL.

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    Cheaper ways you may consider (if you want cheaper)

    Zipties (tho they can be scary)
    Bread ties (work perfectly and come in several colors and bend with the growing leg so no real big worry of their legs getting injured---but also fall off easily if not put on correctly)

    OR bendaroos! LOL! (tho i can't attest for how these are yet... as I havent recieved mine yet, but they come in SEVERAL colors.... and if they work well im going to do a thread on them for leg bands) LOL!

    www.bendaroos.com <---kids toy.
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    are those like pipe cleaners? (the bendaroos)

    Thanks for the link to the other thread on the subject, that will help immensely!

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