Want to buy: FRENCH MARANS!! :D OR


8 Years
Oct 25, 2011
Aloha, Want to buy French marans(Black copper, blue copper,blue, black, splash, cuckoo, lemon cuckoo. Or any other variety. ) feathered legs) & True Ameraucana's(lavender, wheaten, blue wheaten,black) . Here's the catch;) I live in Maui, HI. I am really looking for people who are willing to send day old chicks.. It's impossible to find these in maui.

here is the link to get permits for hawaii: http://hawaii.gov/hdoa/ai/ldc/birds All you have to do is call send your info & a copy of your NPIP. That's it! I tried getting permits for people before Anf they denied my request saying they only deal with the sender. If you need further information regarding permits please call the office at (808) 837-8092.
The permits are free Help if ya can!

Aloha & God bless!!

Oh, And if you have silkies, orpingtons, araucana, sussex( coronation & silver)
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