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    Hi. I am looking to buy several silkie hens. I am wanting all different colors. Would love one of each color. Just starting to build my silkie pen and only have one rooster and one cuckoo hen. The fluffier the better! Don't really care for showgirls. I am located in Wilkes NC. So anything around here or not crazy far. Not looking to spend more than $10 a hen. Thanks!

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    At $10 a silkie you might be better off purchasing silkie chicks from some place like My Pet Chicken. That way you could get the colors you want and be mostly assured that they are female.
    With my show quality line I don't know gender until they are about 8 months old. I have $10 worth of feed in them at that point and it does me no good to sell them that low. Even my pet quality silkie hens go for $20-30 each.

    Good luck in your search. My first two silkies came from MPC and they have been awesome. They aren't even remotely show level, but they have great personalities and have been fabulous pets. Both are nearing 4 years of age and they are going strong. :)

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