want to buy Sussex eggs - Utah - Filled


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Mar 8, 2009
I would like to buy some Sussex eggs. I would prefer Light or Red Sussex but will consider others as well.

Thanks for your help.
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Do a member search for 'bargain' (Nancy).

Give her a PM... she sells Speckled Sussex.

Here is one that I just hatched out from one of her eggs. My little girl named 'him' Oliver.

I'm really hoping it's "Olivia".

Hi, Mahonri that's a good looking baby there! Thanks for thinking of us.
Yes, we have speckled sussex and would love to meet your needs. I sent you a pm.

We're full time farmers and I'm usually on the computer at before daylight, lunch and after 8:00 pm, so please give me a little while to get back with you. Our poultry and all our animals are given great feed and grains, fresh vegetables and much loving care. We have been blessed and pray that you have a blessed day today as well.

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