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May 17, 2017
I plan on getting Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rocks, White Plymouth Rocks and Golden Campines. The first three types say broody infrequently in the catalog. Where I'm getting them. Will I have any trouble with them going broody as I don't want that? The last type says in the catalog that Golden Campine do not go broody. Enlarging my present coop. Getting a total of 10 chickens.
I love chickens. Never thought I would. Any advice would be welcome. This is the first time I'm getting a selection. I would love to get a white Leghorn. But they are flighty and skiddish. Would they make the others upset and nerveous ?

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Aug 16, 2015
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Well the barred Plymouth Rock and RIR both have about a 40% chance of going broody it isn't uncommon for them to go broody and the golden campine I doubt would ever go broody. I have a brown leghorn and a white leghorn and the other chickens don't seem to mind them

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Hatchery RIRs, and possibly the PRs, are not very likely to be broody, especially as younger hens. It's individual, and genetic, and hatchery stock is selected generally for better egg production, not broodiness. It's fun, and a very good idea, to get multiple breed types; you may find some you love, and some that aren't as appealing as you thought they would be. Also, molting times may vary, so egg production may even out through the year. Mary

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