WANT TO HAVE HOUDANS / SULTANS in cold climate. Is it Possible?


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
Hi ,

I live in Northern Michigan where we have days of -20 below and alot of snow.!!

My coop is well insulated and has electrical outlets.

Its nice and cozy.

I currently have 1 Pekin Duck, 2 Rouens, 1 Favorelle, 3 Plymouth Rocks and will be getting 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte hen , 1 Jersey Giant hen, 1 Brahma hen and a Brahma Roo, on June 6.

Thiey all, including the ducks, because the ducks are VERY bonded with the chickens, and vice versa, live in the coop.

Every duck has at least 1 chicken friend that " snuggles" up with them to sleep.

Any info, like what extra steps would I need to take to keep them safe and warm, would be great.

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I can't say about Sultans, but I got some Seabrights last year. They are not supposed to be cold hardy either. We were worried about them through the winter. Our coldest mornings were between 0 and 5F. Guess who the only chickens out of the coop were? The Seabrights! The others didn't even come out for their warm oatmeal! Go figure. Hope this helps.

We are in zone 5, I think it can go down to -15, near Pittsburgh.

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