Want to introduce feed store chicks to broody before 21 days

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    Like it says, we have a hen that just went broody, we were expecting it to happen. We'd like to buy some feed store chicks to add variety to our 30ish hens and couple roo's. The question is, has anyone tried to introduce chicks to a broody before a normal 3 week incubation (we don't really want to hatch more of what we already have). Appreciate your thoughts.

    Dan & Vicki
    Canby OR
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    I have no direct experience, but from what I have read, it need not necessarily be on day 21 after the hen goes broody, but the closer to that time, the better. Do bear in mind that the hen may not accept the chicks, so do make sure that you have a brooder set up, just in case.

    Here's a search on the topic - https://www.backyardchickens.com/newsearch?search=giving+chicks+to+broody+hens

    I'd suggest reading up on the topic.
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    Chickens can't count. Go for it.

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