Want to know what Harbor Seals sound like??? (big pics)

Buff Hooligans

12 Years
Jun 11, 2007
They sound like CHICKENS !

On Friday night, DH dragged me out boating out of Wellfleet Harbor (for about the 40th time this season!). We went past an area that is slightly out of the water at mid-tide (the very tip of Jeremy Point), and saw a bunch of seals on it, waiting to be kicked off by the incoming high tide.

We turned off the boat engine to just sit and hang out near them. In the silence came the sound of roosting chickens! You know that sound that chickens make when you visit their coop after their bedtime? The low murmuring and groaning? That's exactly what seals at dusk sound like! We thought it was the funniest thing. Maybe they are the "chickens of the sea".

You can see them to the left of the rods...

The same gang the next morning, same spot... (a little louder and more obnoxious during the day).

Here's where we were - the seal island (the end of Jeremy Point) is at "006" near the bottom left of the screen:

The unvegetated part of this bluff is where 20/20's John Stossel is building a vacation house. It's less than a mile from our house.

Here's a relaxed view of Great Beach Hill, which is connected to the Jeremy Point sand spit:

A Great Blue Heron taking off from the shore at Chipman Cove. That's our church steeple in the upper right:

Here's the ocean side of Wellfleet the weekend of Tropical Storm Ike (we're on the Bay side):

My first boat ride, in Minnesota - that's me in the middle, wondering what it's all about, my dad on the right and uncle in the boat:
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Green Eggs and Hamlet
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Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
Very cool! I love the sleepy mutterings as everybody settles in for bed. How fun that seals make that sound too. And I have always loved seals just on general principles. They're adorable.

What a fun trip y'all had!


Will Shut Up for Chocolate
11 Years
May 7, 2008
Frozen Lake, MN
Buff -

Those pics are so cool, especially the first one - The colors are awesome.

Are you sure the seals sounded like chickens, or does pretty much everything remind you of chickens now?...

Seems to me you're one of those people that look at peoples' yards when you drive by, observing which out-buildings would make the best coops!

Speaking, of course, as a person who does exactly that.


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