Want to let my Hens Hatch out some Eggs on there own..

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    I really don't want to mess with the Incubator thing right now seems like SO MUCH work and Patience is required.[​IMG][​IMG]

    I was curious though will my Hens continue to lay eggs for me if I leave a few in one nest to lay on? They Free Range during the Day only, so what would happen, if they would obviously need to lay on them all day? Correct?[​IMG]

    How does this work how long would it take? Would it make them broody? from that point forward? My Daughter and I wanted to leave say 5 eggs in the nest, mark them and see if anyone wants to do the job I have 2 that I catch all the time laying on the plastic eggs ( I leave them in for encouragement) and they get upset if I remove them. So I have just left them in they have been laying for 3 months now, so I do not want to mess that up I get 5 eggs per day.


  2. christmaschicken

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    Jul 3, 2008
    Christmas, Florida
  3. your Orpington's will be your best brooders i think.......depending on the Orpington's age . silkies are the best if u could find them ... but they will need to be broody and you will know by the way they act ... make sure they are for sure brody (give them 3 days of stredy laying befor you spend money on eggs put them in a small nest away from others ....right now im useing a silkie to hatch some marans
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    You can't make them sit. They decide when it is time. Some will never go broody. You could try leaving a couple eggs in the nest, and see what happens. You might have better luck in the spring. Make sure you mark any eggs you leave out so you know which eggs are fresh. But again, there isn't a way to force them to go broody, they do it on their own time.
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    Hi, I just got my first baby turken and cochin/easter egger mix
    the other day. Still waitin on the other 6 to hatch.
    My Easter egger hatched them out. A black Undentified hen sat on them for 2 weeks then Angel(my easter egger) took over and has done her job well.
    My orpinghtons were scared of the babies.lol
    I would put the eggs in the nest that has the false ones in it.
    Who knows I am new to chickens too,but I would also wait until they won't get up. I spoiled Angel and would incourage her by putting scratch grains next to her as a treat.
    Hope I helped ,if not sorry.hahaha new to chcks myself.[​IMG]

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