want to order turkey poults and chicks at same place

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    I was going to order from Ideal because they said they will ship turkey poults and chicks together. Well, when I went on there today to see what I was going to order, they are sold out of almost all their chicks! They have poults available on the 1st according to the site, but I wanted to get some pullets too [​IMG]

    Anybody know of a good place to get poults and pullet chicks at the same time? I'll browse the forum and see what I can see, but thought I'd post this in case someone else is in my same boat [​IMG]

  2. Seems like most of the places that sell poults and chicks will ship them together in appropriate proportions.

    Your issue is more of finding one that has the stock that you want available. Unbelievably a LOT of these places are already sold out.
    So if you find what you want.. don't hesitate.. buy it immediately.
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    Hello ! Try www.cacklehatchery.com. There is no minimum order on their turkeys either. Mine are all due in 2 weeks and we have purchased chicks/ducks from their site last year. All were healthy and very strong when we picked them up ! Good luck to you ! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I was there - and was hoping to get single-breasted (standard) bronze turkeys - and they only have broad (double-breasted) bronze..... the narranganset (sp?) are nice looking birds, but those are spendy!

    I think I'm going to go to my feed store today and see if they'll special order some turkeys and pullets for me - might be easier!

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