Want to raise chickens DO NOT move to Jenks OK

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by countrysmitty, Nov 13, 2015.

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    Nov 13, 2015
    Jenks city council told me October 29 that I had 30 days to get rid of my chickens. I ask if they would give me more time since I choose to move rather than get rid of my chickens. They said no.

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    Howdy countrysmitty and Welcome to BYC .. sadly, your first post is not good news and it would have been nice if you could have joined us under better circumstances.

    I would be devastated if I was told I had to get rid of my gals.

    How many chickens do you have? Is it possible that you could find somewhere for them to agist while you look for somewhere else to live? Possibly an animal shelter? You could offer to still look after them, feed them with feed you paid for etc so the shelter is not out of pocket, but also make a donation to the shelter.

    Is your coop moveable? Do you have friends or family who may be able to look after them for you until you find alternative accommodation?

    How did you ask the Council for more time? Was it over the phone?

    I have found that Councils can sometimes be more ‘willing’ and ‘attentive’ if you explain your situation in writing.

    I would try writing to them explaining that you are seeking alternative accommodation where you can take your chickens and if possible, proof that you have applied for rental properties (if renting) or engaged the help of a Real Estate Agent (if buying).

    I would also ask the Council in that correspondence if they know of someplace that would be willing to agist your chickens for a while as this would show them that you are serious about finding a solution which allows you to keep your chickens and may encourage them to give you that extension.

    Good luck [​IMG]

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