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12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
OK folks, here's my situation. Last July DH lost his job and has not been able to find another yet. Then in August our house and storage shed burned to the ground. Along with everything we owned (including my incubators - 1 cabinet, 3 Hovabators) except for the animals out back and one Hova that was out back in the feed shed.

My sebastopol geese are laying like CRAZY! My turkeys are laying. EVERYTHING is laying with the exception of my dewlaps which should start any day. I would like to trade hatching eggs for a couple of Hovabator's with forced air. They do NOT have to be pretty - functionality is what's important. They do not have to have turners but would be nice. PLEASE, no Little Giants or still-air's - I have never had much luck with those.

I normally get $10 per egg on the goose eggs plus shipping. I have sebastopol, dewlap greys, and dewlap buffs. No, my geese are not show quality but neither are the prices. I just set 26 sebbie eggs (in my remaining incubator) and only 4 goslings are sold so if you would rather have goslings we can do that too. Day-olds are $35 each.

I also have turkeys - the tom is a regular bronze, one hen is white, and 2 hens are slates. Ducks are a pair of runners (not hatchery stock), 2 BEI drakes over 2 white calls and 1 grey call. One of the BEI drakes has a crest. These eggs wouldn't cost as much as the goose eggs but would have to be sent in increments since I don't have as many laying plus the very fact they aren't worth as much.

Anyway, if you think you can help me out please drop me a line or email me at the link on the side. Thank you to everyone who read this whole post....lol
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