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Apr 1, 2008
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I'm having a heck of a time with my newest investment, a cabinet incubator....the bottom hatching drawer is running 3 degrees cooler than the top rack and two degrees cooler than the middle rack....so I moved the eggs into one of my hovabators (forced air) to hatch this weekend and it was a mess.
Out of 37 eggs (which were all fertile and all had chicks that pipped but died before), I got 13 chicks.

I am looking for a hatcher--either cabinet model or a still-air (gasp, I know) hovabator.

I would like to trade (or do a partial trade) for hatching eggs or if you're close, chicks.


Heather, mine did that, get your manufator guide and reset the temp settings, also look at the vent holes they made need adjusting, but I reset mine, and adusted my vent holes and it fixed that flunctuationing

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