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  1. aladatrot

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    Apr 24, 2008
    I bought 5 Black Australorp pullets that are now about 2-1/2 months old. I bought them thinking that I'd still have australorps even if a couple of them didn't make it for some reason. Well, all five are doing just peachy, but I really don't need 5 lorps. Is there anyone who would be interested in swapping me a couple different type of layer pullets for a couple of those lorps?

    OR.... Anyone interested in >1 year old good laying production reds in exchange for a couple >1 year old "other" layers.

    I like my chickens to be diverse, and I am currently too heavy on reds and australorps. Just want to get some more variety out there!

  2. boobooblueeyes

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Cut and Shoot, Texas
    Hi, I have "year old" layers, they are Barred Rocks, I have several and would be willing to trade for one or some Production Reds. I also have two young black "necked neckers" that came from some eggs a friend gave me, not sure what they are crossed with, but have heard that if they are at least half necked necker they will probably hatch nacked neckers, the ones I have were hatched around Christmas and I think I got an egg from one of them the other day, so begining to lay. I also like a very diverse flock, it gives you a lot to look at. I have one pair of Austrolorps and think they are so pretty, I really love them. Anyway if interested let me know, I live in Conroe and could meet you somewhere. Good luck. Bonny

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