Want to trade my ? for your earrings, plugs & tapers

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    Jan 26, 2007
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    I'm not looking for many. I prefer plugs and tapers. Trying to stretch my ears a little. Looking for 14g or 16g, I think.

    Also possibly seamless hoops, CBR's (singles are fine, but prefer the larger beads with larger holes b/c I suck at putting those on) and labrets in 14g and 16g. Maybe even 12g for my bottom lobes.

    I don't do feminine and long earrings. I do funky or plainish. I can't do nickel so need titanium, steel or silver. I don't like gold. Ummm...or UV would be fine, too. Would need to see pics (even if it's a stock picture).

    To trade, I have ~
    a pearl necklace
    horse shoe earrings in 14g...I may have 16g, too, not sure.
    bantam cochin eggs ~ some of the hens laying right now have been with a buff roo, though so would be mixed color

    I know this is a long shot and I'm going to a jewelry place today so may not need much after that. (Hubby would say I already don't need more, though! hehe)
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