Want To Trade - Sebastopol Goslings/Eggs - Central Texas

Broke Down Ranch

12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
Hi, I know there are several people on this forum that have sebbies. I would really like to find someone that would be willing to trade me egg for egg or gosling for gosling. I would like to add fresh lines but can't really afford it ATM. And I don't see that changing before the season is over with so it would be a whole 'nother year before I could be considering goslings. Unless you are local, I would prefer goslings as I have never had great success with shipped sebbie eggs but I will trade egg for egg if that's all I can do

My birds are not SQ themselves but I have seen pics of their offspring and they have produced some very nice birds. If anyone is interested please send me an email or PM. TIA!
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