Want your chicken's picture on our new online virtual poultry game?

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9 Years
May 25, 2010
Fort Worth
We started making the template and base coding for the new online virtual poultry game today, and we are in the process of making banners for the home page and such. This is where you guys come in! We wanted real life chickens, ducks or geese to go on the main pages of the gaming website. We may decide to have one pet picture for each page, so multiple pictures may be needed. You will be given credit for your picture on the credits page of the site

The color scheme is green and black, so if you can take a picture of your pet out on the grass or with a green background, it would help a lot.

I will look at the submitted pictures and match the ones I think would work with the site. Any and all breeds and ages of chickens, ducks, and geese are allowed to enter! But please no other birds yet. We are mainly looking at those three species for the game.

You can submit as many pictures as you want!

MOD's please move if this is in the wrong forum

Brown ducklings have a very good chance at being picked for a page, since they are my favorite color and type of poultry
They don't quite fit with your color scheme but you can use them if you like them.
I can easily get bigger versions of them, too.



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