Wanted: 1 dozen young Rhode Island Red pullets - West Michigan


DD (Artistic Digital Diva)
11 Years
Oct 6, 2008
West Michigan
1 dozen young Rhode Island Red pullets that have not yet started to lay eggs, but would be nearing that age. We want to make sure they can survive outside in our coop in the cold.

Tall order I know, but someone mentioned to me that the auctions can be problematic as far as the health of the chickens are concerned. So I want to put some feelers out there for what we're hoping to find.

We should be ready to house them by next weekend. Just putting the finishing touches on the coop this week.

After reviewing this page , I decided that for winter time we wanted something that would be laying eggs during the cold without much extra effort on our part. Also read that the roos can be aggressive for the RIRs so we'll avoid getting one (because of our young kiddoes).

In the spring time we'll add some Easter Eggers (hoping for large/extra-large+ blue and blue/green eggs), including an EE roo.

Please PM me with any offers you have. Thank you!

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