Wanted: 2 Silkie girls

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    Jan 14, 2007
    Troy, New York
    I am in want of 2 female (any age) Silkies as pets, Age is not an issue as long as they are old enough to confirm their gender.

    I would rather get 2 that are not the same color (non-standard colors are fine with me) & also have some fluff to them. I will not be using them for eggs so if you have 2 older Hens you are looking to sell/adopt out this would be fine with me.

    I live in south Florida, in Broward county... Zip 33309

    The email address I use most now days is: [email protected]

    Of course all expenses paid by me...Birds/Shipping/Box [​IMG]

    ~ Della ~

    My housemate is the one dead set on Silkies, but if you have a hen on death row, please get back with a picture & sob story & we may open her mind [​IMG]

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