WANTED: 6 Jubilee & 6 Gold Laced Brahma Hatching Eggs


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Sep 28, 2012
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My Coop
I realize these breeds are worth more than what I am offering. However - this is what we have and I haven't had very much luck with shipped eggs (so not willing to spend more).

You're more than welcome to bypass my post and not take my offer, but please do not chastise me or post inappropriate responses to my thread due to my lack of "big buying power".

What I would like:

6 Gold Laced Brahma hatching eggs
6 Jubilee Orpington hatching eggs

totaling 1 dozen

Prices offered includes shipping (not adding more money for shipping. This is the budget hubby has allowed for these)

Will pay $50.00 for the full dozen (6 of each)

Will pay $25.00 for 6 of one breed if you don't have both - will pay 2 different sources if necessary.

must have pictures and must be 100% guaranteed to be purebred (no barnyard mixes). These 2 breeds are what my husband and I finally decided on to be coopmates with our Norwegian Jaerhons we received via a swap here on the forum.

NO chickens will be killed that we hatch unless they need to be culled for obvious reasons. All roosters will be going to friends who are able to have them where they live, and raise them. Some will be going to a friend just outside of town - who will breed pure with my hens. I will be participating in the hatching egg swap here on BYC with their eggs once they are proven to be fertile.

Thank you very much for considering my meager offer.
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