WANTED a baby or two baby goats whose mother can not raise them

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    Apr 21, 2008
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    Hi everyone! I have goats and have hand raised a goat before. But a freind of mine wanted her very badly for her farm and grandkids. I was having a hard time dealing with my mother being so sick so I know she was in a good home. Then Mother passed and I just do not have the heart to take her back. They love her to pieces. I know it is getting to that season and I know sometimes things happen when the mother can not or sometimes will not care for the baby or babies. My daughter misses our other goat and nursing one. If you know someone willing to give us a baby or two to raise I will really be greatful. My goats have all been mothers and great ones at that. The breed really does not matter. We have pygmy, boer, alpine, and a few mixes. Our money is alttle short on extra cash so I can not spend alot for them plus sometime no matter what we or the vet does they can not make it. It is a chance I am willing to take just to have one or two my daughter and I can raise. I have one now whom is great but we would like one or two more to come to us and love on us. If you know of someone please email or tell them. I can go alittle ways out but not to far. I will be going to columbus, ga Thursday only, to see my Grandmother. Other then that I am A stay at home mother with a small farm. We have alittle of everything. Any help would be thankful. THank you all for your time.
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