WANTED: A Mate for a Peacock!


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
We are looking for a mate for a very lonely male Peacock. The male is going to be a show-bird and shown my by six-year-old second cousin, and he is in need of a mate. He is being grouchy without one and trying to get everyone else's women lol (the goose's and the turkey's).

We would love possibly a Purple, Silver Pied, or a White peahen, but it really doesn't matter.. The younger the better, and reasonable prices, as we are 4-H. If anyone could help out, let me know. Thanks so much. We are located in NY.


- Alycia
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go to the United Peafowl Assoc. www.peafowl.org
we have a list of breeders by state. there are several in NY state so I think you should be able to find a girl easily.
Drive to MD and come get one from ME! LOL
LOL! I would if I could! I'm gonna do some emailing to those people on there tomorrow for sure. I checked and there was one website near us but they wanted us to be six for 35.00 each :eek:. I haven't emailed the others yet, but will tomorrow. Thanks for the link!
You had to buy all six of them though?? It's cheap, but not if you don't need six hens... Were they chicks or adults?

that is probably the price for day olds.... unsexed peachicks.
Once they are old enough to sex the price usually goes up to $50 ish
But 35 for six, it kinda adds up. The that we have was only 20 something and he was not even a chick, but kind of an adolescent really. Well, I shan't give up. I'll keep looking for maybe one with low minimums thats perhaps closer.

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