Wanted: Advice on moving with outdoor cats.


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Jul 18, 2008
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A little background on the kitties! We have 3 outdoor cats and we are getting ready to move in the next month. 2 of the cats I brought home when they were about 3-4 weeks old (yes I know- too young - Thanks Craigslist) The last cat was born here. They are all 3 in/outdoor cats. We are on 2 acres here and they LOVE to play in the yard. They have a cat door in the bedroom window they come and go thru.
We are moving to 4 acres and there really is not a problem with them. I am just wondering how is the best way to acclimate them to the move.
I appreciate any ideas/advice you guys have!
When i moved and brought my outside cats.. I kept them inside the new home for 3 weeks.. that got them used to where "home" was and they wouldn't have the urge to go back to our old place... cats tend to get attached to a location where dogs tend to get attached to their people... so for the cats it was important for them to learn that this was now their new home
My friend just moved 15 houses down the road from her old house.
She was scared they wouldnt want to stay at their new home so she left them inside for a week. While the cats come to the new house (usually at dark) they still go to the old house.
I dont think she left them indoors long enough.
Depending on the cat (you know each of their personalities), I've restricted them to one room for a few days (the room with the litter box of course...lol) before allowing them access to the rest of the house. Not only does this allow them to settle down, but it keeps them out of the way (from rushing out the door) while you're settling in. I've had cats that didn't need that, that could roam the house just fine initially, but others benefitted from a smaller space. And of course I was with them when I first began letting them outside the new area. Good luck with your move!
Cats are about like chickens in that they don't handle change well...lol.
I have had to move twice with my indoor/outdoor cat. We keep him in his own room for just a little over a day then let him have run of the house for a month and then he knew where home was. The second cat was a bit harder. She stayed in the house for the same amount of time but ran off when we weren't looking so she got confined to the house for 2 extra months. They both know where home and the good stuff is so they always come back now. Presly is still a bit more wild and will stay out longer but Cooper loves and knows that if he comes in on time he gets treats
I had a similar experience a couple of years ago with our indoor/outdoor cat.
Over a month in the house, let him outside during the day and in the house at night for a couple more weeks.
Then he disappeared!!
Talked to my tenant (at my old house) and he was there wondering why he was being locked out of the house??
Took him home and repeated the process.
No issues since.

Maybe build your kitties a cat tree to play on so they don't crave the outdoors during thier incarceration.

Good luck.
Training a cat is hard work.
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Thats for all of the advice. I am glad we will have extra rooms for them. I was thinking of locking them up in my craft room so they can still play with me when I am in there and be out of the way for everything else.
You can also give them a "cat run" to help acclimate to the new outdoors. When we moved to our new place last year, I had an indoor cat, basically near-feral, that grew up outside (long story). When we moved, I built what would be a chicken coop and let her stay in it at first. Now she sleeps in the barn with the calves, but I left her shut up for a good two months before turning her loose.

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