WANTED = Bantam COCHINS pullets or hens

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    Okay, I've got two very lonely cockerals that got stuck in the LF Cochin pen because I introduced another cockeral to their existing girls, so I am now desperate for some girls for these boys. They just can't get the job done with the LF pullets, if ya know what I mean - lol. Don't want to get rid of them. Love these beautiful guys, not only because they are very nice quality etc. but because they were my very first chickens and they bring us great joy. Tons of personality. We just want to make them happy,

    Looking for 2-4 BANTAM COCHIN pullets or hens. Will consider all colors. Not necessarily looking for top notch SQ BUT would like very nice type etc. good breeders.

    I am in the general Chattanooga/Cleveland, TN area and would consider driving at little, hr. or so, all depends on quality of birds BUT I also will most definetly consider paying for shipping etc.

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    Sep 20, 2011
    la rue, ohio
    I have 2 partridge standard cochin roosters for sale asking $20 Ea or $35 for BOTH of them as a pair. They would have to be shipped as we are in ohio if youd be interested please let me know thanks

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