Wanted: Bantam rooster and female duck

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    Aug 8, 2015
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    I am looking for a bantam cock or cockerel that I can work on bonding with. Must be friendly at least to a point, yet not completely aloof, I need him to be a protector of the girls, but I want him to be human tolerant. I am not looking to break the bank. I am just outside of Mint Hill area in Union County. I have 12 hens who are missing a special man in their life. I built the coop and run they live in by hand. My animals are well loved, cared for, and given attention and treats.

    I am NOT looking for a cock or cockerel for breeding for hatching egg sales, although I MAY let them hatch some of their own at some point during the warmer months.

    I ALSO have 2 male jumbo pekin ducks. I am looking to trade one of my males for a female duck. They are under a year old, and they have been well cared for. They have been hand raised by me personally since day old, and are gentle and loving. They get along fairly well together overall, but I want a male and a female rather than 2 males because 1 is bigger than the other and likes to try to mate my other. Can anyone help? Again, I am outside of Mint Hill area in Union County.

    I would prefer to either meet someone close by, or have you come to me for the trade of my male duck. I would rather you meet him. I would also prefer to either meet close by, or have someone come to me with the bantam cock or cockerel so you can see the setup they would live in.

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