Wanted - Barnevelders - N Central Indiana

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  1. Does anyone have any Barnevelders? I would like to buy some eggs or chicks around March/April. I've been reading a bit about them but if anyone has some real experience with their personalities etc. I would appreciate anything you can tell me. Thanks!!!! Barb
  2. Carole AM

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Goshen, Indiana
    I don't know about them, but I want to say HI! I see you have a sheltie. We have a collie mix. I'm in Goshen........tell me more.[​IMG] I went to your website--NICE!
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  3. SisterFlash

    SisterFlash Songster

    I am also wanting them...nice quality looking birds.

    Barb [​IMG]
  4. Hi SisterFlash!
    Are you around SilverCity area of NM? Nice area of New Mexico. Visited there some years back. I spent a number of years living in Albq. back in the 80's. Also spent quite a few years in CO. DH and I miss seeing "the bones of the earth" here in the midwest. <>< Barb
  5. SisterFlash

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    Yes great guess. Just a little bit north in the Gila Forest in Lake Roberts. My husband and I love it here and what a nice comunity.

    If you visited the cliff dwelling you probably passed right by my place on the way to get there. Most people do not even know this part of the world exists. [​IMG]

    Like you I am also very intrested in getting some nice Barnevelders. Any luck in finding a source besides Ideal?

    Barb [​IMG]
  6. KingsCalls

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    Oct 22, 2007
    New Market,Tn.
    Cornerstone Farms in Va. has Barnevelders in standard size.
    Sand Hill Preservation has them in bantams.
  7. SisterFlash

    SisterFlash Songster

    Quote:Thanks. I do not want bantams but I have looked at sand hill.

    I have emailed cornerstone...thanks for that info.

    Barb [​IMG]
  8. Thanks for the info. KingsCalls

    I'll have to check with Cornerstone Farms. Do you happen to have their link?
    <>< Barb
  9. Thanks for the link to CornerStone Farms KingsCall.
    Their site was down when I first checked it. Was able to link today. Looks like this will be the way for me to go. [​IMG] Wheee whooo I am excited now!!! So will my DH be when I tell him. Barnevelders for the spring!!

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