Wanted: Bearded Silkie Eggs


Dec 5, 2019
I'm looking for BEARDED pure silkie eggs with super fluffy AMAZING quality lines, while not breaking the bank, of course! :wootI'm only looking to purchase eggs that have been fertilzed while color separated for breeding purposes.

Colors I'm looking for to start with:
1. Lavender/Self Blue
2. Porcelian or Isabel
3. Paint
4. Splash
5. Blue
6. Partridge

I'm only looking for a dozen at a time, doing 6 of each color I'm looking for, to make up the 12 total, if possible. Which is why I'm reaching out here, on :welcome. As many of the online breeders that I can find ship hens choice eggs only (understandable)/or a mixed box of colors that are mostly not colors that I'm looking for.

So I would love to start making contacts and building relationships with quality breeders that can supply eggs with
some flexible buyer options, whenever/as possible. And HOPEFULLY have fertilized layers this winter in colors/quality I'm looking for. :yesss:

Itd be great to have contacts in the Boise, Idaho area. But I'm willing to ship in from out of state also. Of course I'd love to see pictures of the lines before deciding where I buy from. And know cost plus shipping cost too.

Anyway Id like to start meeting people right away. If possible I'm looking for 6 Lavender and 6 Porcelian or Isabel to start. But as a buyer I'm flexible too, with what you have. So say hello anyway, and let me know what you got! :highfive:

Please hit me up even if you cant help but may know who can! Ive seen some gorgeous silkies on this site and am excited to find some of my new babies here!
Thank you kindly! :thumbsup


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Apr 9, 2016
California's Redwood Coast
Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

Please be sure anyone you order from for shipping in NPIP certified and able to do so legally. ;)

These are hatchery quality birds... but for the price, order a bunch and sell off the ones you don't wanna keep. Chicks with a live delivery and 48-72 hour guarantee are a better option in my experience than shipped hatching eggs... I have spent in excess of $150 on 2 dozen eggs, to have only 3 boys hatch... You might have to wait for a better season to order bantams from anybody with experience or in their right mind..

I worked with paint Silkies for a while, but so are so many other folks right now. It was fun, but I like cuckoo MUCH more, giving the possibility for sex linked chicks even. I agree keeping your breeding colors separate and true is a valued effort to me! I got Blue Cream (term for porcelain in Silkies) and cuckoo from... Shipping all the way to Ca from Florida wasn't great but she does have nice birds in several varieties, maybe you can get some started ones...

Best wishes finding (and selecting) great quality Silkies! :fl

And happy adventuring! :wee

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