Wanted: Birds that have "Passed Away" (Died) -- Taxidermy Educational Purposes

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    Sorry guys, if any of you remember me, I used to be on here a lot, but after the recent death of my favorite pet/family bird, I began dispatching my flock (out of heartbreak) especially since I see her and hear her every time I go outside to care for the birds. Nonetheless, I am looking at all of you to help me out a bit!

    I do a bit of taxidermy on this side, but mainly specialize/work with birds and am wanting to further it in hopes to turn it into a career.
    (Both skeletal articulations and full on traditional mounts AND study skin specimens)
    I hope to do taxidermy as a career and help educational centers (zoological centers, museums, Universities, etc.) with my mounted specimens.
    To put it down and simple, I am seeking out DEAD birds from you!

    I, however, am a firm believer that if you're going to hunt something, you better use all of it.
    Besides that, I would like to work with birds that have died naturally/accidentally.
    I would really like birds that you normally cannot hunt for since I have a small steady supply of game waterfowl unless they are FARM RAISED with paperwork!

    What I need: (I am mainly seeking out exotics and/or waterfowl, certain chickens of unusual colors and whatnot)
    *Whole bodied birds, frozen -- birds should have beak/bill tucked underneath wing, feet tucked against body, placed into pantyhoses and wrapped and taped in plastic bags/tape.
    *Accidental and natural death appreciated, however, please make sure they are in good shape
    *They should be in their full plumage and look great without too many messed up feathers and/or jaggedness
    *Please NO pinfeathers (or a ton of them). They almost ALWAYS fall out and I cannot do much to fix them!
    *If they were "killed" by a prey item, they may be too rough -- I can only do so much magic!
    *I would also like a 'receipt' stating the species with your name on it -- this is so I can keep track and also have record to show that I did not "poach" (especially with exotic and waterfowl species).
    *Please let them be fresh -- while if they die in the cold, they are more "safe" if they die in heat or other circumstances, it can cause feathers to fall out or "slippage" and that is no fun!
    *If birds are on medication let me know and please let me know cause of death!

    I can't pay much, but am more than happy to pay shipping and hopefully send photos -- I do have styrofoam coolers I can ship out, but due to cold weather, I don't think they'll be thawing out anytime soon so that shouldn't be a problem -- we could probably time it out so when they get here they are thawed and I can begin working on them!

    My goal is to:
    1) Produce and get practice -- whether a study skin, a traditional mount and/or a skeletal articulation or collection to provide to others
    2) Use any leftover meat to feed my dogs (they are on a raw diet)
    3) Use everything and leave nothing to waste!
    4) Produce something out of something once thought to be "trash" and turn it into something beautiful and useful again!

    Certain birds, if you want them back, you are more than welcomed to the birds FOR FREE -- I do however ask you pay for shipping (to/from) AND taxidermy supplies (forms, eyes, tanning solution, etc.) -- that ranges anywhere between $50 - $100 depending on certain factors (maybe you want a personal "stand"). I will not charge for my time. I am just trying to get practice in without giving up and arm and a leg!

    I currently attend a University, so anything that I cannot sell (if legal) to make just the costs in supplies back, I plan on donating to the University for their educational collections if they'll take it or some sort of educational place.

    I am located in Kansas.

    Thank you!

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