WANTED - Blue, black or splash silkie chicks - In NYS


10 Years
Jun 2, 2009
I currently have a batch of silkie chicks that are about 1 week old and I would love to get some dark colors in the group, of about the same age. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time finding any locally. I would take blue, black or splash and am willing to pay shipping, if anyone is willing to ship. If there is anyone in NYS offering, I am willing to drive some distance, but not hours. I am located in the Finger Lakes area.

Thank you.
I don't have enough chicks to ship but I started setting my eggs and the first chick hatched black and the second blue so maybe you shoul try some of my eggs? I am keeping the chicks for now but this is a thought for you. The group they come from consists of a cuckoo blue male, a blue female, a mostly black male and a partridge female. 3 of them were in the show.

I can email you pictures if you wish.
It does give me a great excuse to buy an incubator! And then...more eggs! lol How much would you want for the eggs and for how many?

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