WANTED: Blue Isbar Hatching Eggs Western USA, Reasonable

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  1. ISO Blue Isbar hatching eggs from WESTERN USA please. I am in Oregon and would like eggs that can get to me in one day USPS Priority Shipping range. I prefer a seller that will pack the eggs upright (small end down) and mark the package with the following:
    THIS END UP and ^UP on all four sides
    LIVE Hatching Eggs

    Can trade pure black and blue copper Marans eggs or will pay up to $4/egg for 6-10 eggs including shipping for GREEN eggs only, no brownish or dark olive eggs please. Please PM with photos of eggs, location, and your pricing. I will not respond to messages asking higher prices for these eggs, as it is just too much risk and I have had poor hatch experiences for shipped eggs. (Paying $60-75/dozen plus shipping to get one or two chicks won't work for me.) Thanks for reading.
    The color I'm looking for is similar to the egg second from the left in the second row from the top, the egg on the far right in that same second row, and the egg on the far right top row.
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    I think egg color can change quite a bit depending on season. They may start green and become more brown.

    That is quite a tall order!

    Good luck!!!
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  3. Update: Rethinking the WESTERN part of my request. I have had two shipments from S. CA...one took SEVEN days to make a 2 day trip. Replacements are lost somewhere between here and PROVIDENCE RI right now. USPS is failing miserably. Now open to shipments from farther away (where the eggs will take an airline to get to Portland OR). I've blown enough money on eggs that do not hatch (not the fault of the breeder).

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