Wanted Buff Silkie chicks with beards

Tonight I found out that my order of 24 show quality silkie chicks are shrink wrapped and I don't know why.
I am just broken hearted over this and don't dare get any more silkie eggs to loose.
If anyone has chicks OR can put me on your list for nice bearded silkie chicks in the spring, I would so appreciate it. As my above post shares all the silkie losses, I just want some so bad.
We have fixed all the issues now in the coops. They are predator proof and we have a bird net over the entire area to keep out hawks.
Rats are killed and gone and now I know how to not attract them back.
I have happy girls out there and have had no problems keeping them. I just have had a bad time with silkie chicks for some reason. All unrelated events.
Now I don't want to loose any more and would prefer just to buy some nice ones from someone, to raise here.
If anyone is selling, please contact me. I want show quality with beards though. I got some at the hatcheries and they are not as nice.
Thanks so much. Terry

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