Wanted: chicks in Louisiana (several breeds desired!)

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    Apr 27, 2009
    near Lake Charles, LA
    Hi! We are looking at ordering from website or catalogs for chicks to start our backyard flock, but would prefer to do business locally and pick up chicks if at all possible. We are located in Southwestern LA but can pick up ranging from Southeast TX to Baton Rouge/Houma area (my husband travels weekly with his work)

    We are especially looking for rare breeds to start with, so we can choose our favorites from their personalities as we grow our flock. We are open to others not listed though, and would prefer to do business locally!

    Breeds we are especially interested in (but we are open to others and suggestions!)
    Jersey Giants (black)
    Light or Buff Brahmas
    White-faced Black Spanish
    Speckled Sussex


    EDIT: posted here accidentally, meant to post in Chicks forum. If a mod sees this, can you please delete it?
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