WANTED chicks in PA/OH/WV/MD--Faverolle, EE, BLR Wyandotte, etc.

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    Feb 26, 2009
    SW PA

    I'm in Pittsburgh, looking to start my first tiny backyard flock--I want 3 female chicks or pullets. If you have what I want, or you want to split an order, please let me know. I probably won't be set up for the chicks until May, so I'm just putting this out there in advance.

    I definitely want one Salmon Faverolle and one Ameraucana/Easter Egger/Aracauna(any of those would be fine). For the third, I'm flexible, just looking for something interesting/colorful (not a plain red, buff, black, or white hen) that will be a reliable layer, docile, and handle confinement well (I'm in the city, so no free ranging). I'd loooove a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, but other examples of chix I be interested in include one of the other laced/penciled Wyandottes, or blue, Colombian, etc., Blue Australorp, Barnevelder, Welsummer, Delawares, Blue Orp, etc. Basically, I need relatively calm, quiet, and pretty birds that will endear themselves to the neighbors. Hens only, of course.

    If I don't have luck here, I know I can drive to Meyer Hatchery and pick up a nice assortment, but I thought I'd try here first.


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