Wanted : Co-buyer for an order of chicks in Durham NC - Danville VA

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  1. I live in Semora (45 mins from Durham,NC & 20 mins from Danville VA)

    I want to buys some chicks and I have a hatchery picked out thats got GREAT pricing....no outrageous shipping fees either. down side is 30 chick minimum order for bantams or 25 minimum for standards (apparently they don't mix standards and bantams for some reason)

    I am looking to get no more than 8 silkies, and possibly 5 bantam cochins...At most I will get 15 chicks thats 1/2 the order...the order will be around 100$ all together for the chicks and while I can pay that and could try to sell off the other extra chicks thats a bit more time, energy, and space that I don't really have to try to find buyers after the fact...

    I'm not real sure how to go about a transaction like this and feel comfortable myself that i'm not giving away money and to help my 2nd party buyer feel the same security... Any ideas or suggestions on that as well?

    P.S. hatchery is Welp Hatchery. They have a good sized flow of silkies and I know people who have ordered from them and gotten GREAT chicks...Friend of mine ordered brahma, giant cochins, and red laced blue wyndottes last month and the chicks were all healthy, no dead ones on delivery, she lost 2 out of 50 so far only....Heard of other people who've used them... They do free shipping (the shipping is incorporated into the price of each chick) Google them and check 'em out...

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