WANTED: Easter Egger or Americauna hatching eggs near Seattle Washington

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  1. I have two broody hens right now, and probably more soon. My rooster is not the same breed as my hens (cochin x cuckoo maran anyone?) and I'd rather have chicks that were something that I'd enjoy. Instead of ordering chicks it occured to me that I can use my broody hens and skip the incubator / brooder steps . . .

    I'd love any amount of hatching eggs, up to 4 dozen, for a reasonable price somewhere near the Northern Washington State area. I live North of Seattle, and I'd prefer not to drive TOO far, but I'm willing to go up to Bellingham, WA, or down to the areas North of Seattle sometime in the next week to pick up eggs. Hatchery quality, show quality - either will be fine. I'm going to phase out my mixed breed hens this year and switch over to mostly the Americaunas by the fall - except for my children's pets. Sigh. Note to self - don't let children pick out strange breeds of chickens next time . . .

    I'm sure you wouldn't want my crazy mixed breed chicken eggs, but I do have pure Welsh Harlequin ducks laying enthusiastically. I have 5 hens that are pure WH, and one hen that is a Rouen, with one enthusiastic WH drake, so most of the eggs would be Welsh Harlequin purebreds (the ducks came from Metzers last year and are a mix of silver and gold strains. They are very good egg layers - I've gotten duck eggs through the winter! I'd be willing to trade or even partial trade since there will be that occasional Rouen egg . . .

    Anyway, I figure this is a long shot, but I thought I'd see if anyone had something since my broody hens are SO determined right now . . .
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    I don't live near you but I sell Easter Egger eggs, 18+ for $15.00 & 15.00 shipping, I double box and wrap each egg in Bubble wrap, Priority shipping. I have had Awesome feedback on my shipped eggs. I have 2 gorgeous purebred Blue Ameraucana Roosters from" Pips and Peeps" covering my flock, Here is one feedback, and a picture of the chicks that WILL hatch....just a thought.....~Charm1704
    My flocks are tested by the state:Texas Pullorium- Typhoid Certificate No# 1479


    Feb 20, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    They are all done hatching now! I had 23 hatch out of the 31 eggs you sent me! I am very pleased! I have all dark chicks except one that is yellow. I usually get 50% or less hatches on shipped eggs. On yours I got a 75% Hatch Rate! I don't know what I will do with all of the EE/OE Chicks I have! Thank you so much for the GREAT hatching Eggs! I will do business with you again! Feel Free to use me as a reference! [​IMG]


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    I have Easter Eggers/Olive Eggers and live in Monroe.

    In my layer coop, I have a Lavender Ameraucana rooster over assorted hens, including two black ameraucana hens (so you have a chance of hatching pure Black Am's), two black olive egger hens, 1 wheaton colored olive egger hen, 2 barnvelders, 1 cuckoo marans, 1 golden cuckoo marans, 1 speckled sussex, 1 polish, 1 barred rock. Don't think the last 3 hens are laying though.

    I also have a project pen with a Cuckoo Olive Egger rooster (cross of my lav am roo x golden cuckoo marans hen) over two black (split for lavender) Ameruacana hens. You have a chance of hatching lavender, lavender cuckoo, black or regular cuckoo from this pen.

    $25 per dozen.
    $15 for 6 eggs.

    For the same price as mentioned above, I also have hatchery quality Crele Old English Game Bantams.

    All other breeds listed in my signature I have hatching eggs for also, except the Ameraucana's. Prices for these are slightly higher $35/dozen or $20 for six. These breeds are all from breeders around the country and not hatchery quality.

    We are heading out for the evening but will be around all day tomorrow. PM me if interested, and you can see pics of most of our breeds on our facebook page which is also listed in my signature. Except the Olive Eggers/Easter Eggers.

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