Wanted..Easter Eggers, Leghorns, and Marans...Pullets only


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Mar 8, 2011
Hudson/New Port Richey

My name is Danielle and I am looking for more chicks I am in Hudson/New Port Richey. I am interested in 3-5 Easter Egger/Americauna, 3-5 Brown or white leghorn or a white egg layer of some sort, 3-5 Maran or welsummer. I can't have roosters where I am so I am interested in only pullets. They do not have to be day old but small enough to keep inside for a little while as our coop is not up yet, my current chicks are about 2 weeks old. I am willing to travel up to a hour radius of my location especially if you have all i am looking for. It is really hard to find what I want at local feed stores and most here carry straight run only and any time i would get straight run chicks i would have mostly roosters. Please email me at [email protected] if you can help me get these chickies, if they are older i may have to wait a few weeks for them until we can get our coop up but I will happily give a deposit on them if they are older pullets prefer them to not have layed yet. Thanks.


LAseramas KP

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Feb 7, 2011
LA , SoCal
where you located ??? that may help you find what you are looking for any how i got 17 EEs for sale but im in SoCal i dont know where you are

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