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    Listed in descending order of importance (top most important/bottom least important) are the breeds I'd like to get hatching eggs for. Write me and let me know which of these you have so long as it's two or more of these breeds. I'm looking to make one or two purchases to cover as many of these breeds as possible. I'm most interested in Welsummer & Delaware breeds. If I could purchase eggs from these 2 breeds along with a 3rd and 4th breed that would suit my needs quite well.

    1) Welsummer
    2) Delaware
    3) Minorca
    4) Jersey Giants (black and/or blue)
    5) Old English Game Bantam (especially Red Pyle colorations)
    6) Cornish
    7) Rosecomb Bantam

    Please message me if you have eggs from 2 or more of these breeds available. I'm looking to buy 12-30 eggs to continue to build my flock with. Not looking for show quality, these are mostly for eggs and joy. I want a mixed flock with lots of variety and the capacity to isolate breeds for breeding purposes.


    Ps I am open to purchase of chicks from these breeds also.
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    Can't believe I forgot to put in the ad that I'm looking to purchase these eggs. Didn't want anyone think I was looking to freeload. [​IMG]

    Schlante & Roll Tide,
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    Jun 30, 2009
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    We are behind in building more breeding pens and runs..compliments of 0 degree weather here in the South [​IMG]
    I'm close to having our Delaware pen finished.We will be offering eggs from that pen about 2 weeks after it's done..hopefully this weekend. I also have Black Minorca's..trust me you will be glad to add them to your flock.Mine are starting to look at nesting boxes again so I'm hopeful they will also begin laying in the next week or two.
    We don't show our birds disposition,health and egg laying is our focus but neither of these breeds are Hatchery stock but from breeders.
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    Send me a message in a couple weeks when you have the pens and flocks set-up.

    What do you like so much about the Minorcas?

    Schlante & Roll Tide,
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