~ WANTED ~ Frizzled Tolbunt Polish Pullet


Aug 21, 2015
Vail, AZ
Recently I lost my absolute favorite one and only BL polish pullet to Marek's.

My dad, when my dear bird was still alive, promised me that if she did not survive the illness, he would pay almost anything to get me another bird, any of my choice, because I'm so heartbroken over my beautiful polish.

He does hate to see his 17 year old cry.

Though at the moment I don't consider getting another chicken appropriate, some time soon I would like to give my 3 month old SL Wyandotte a friend, since her "since-day-one-sister" will not be rejoining her...

I looked around a bit to get my mind off of my sadness, and found a breed/variety of polish I had never heard of before: Frizzled Tolbunt.

I am now going to consider buying a younger (2-4 month old) Frizzled Tolbunt pullet. I live in Arizona, and my dad is willing to pay up to $75 for the right bird. We have plunked around on the internet, and we haven't found anyone who ships, or has juveniles available.

If anyone would be willing to sell me a Frizzled Tolbunt pullet, it would be much appreciated.

Please PM me or E-Mail me at [email protected] if you have any info on someone who sells/ships juvinile Tolbunts, or if you happen to do so yourself.

It will be much appreciated, and the chick will be going to a wonderful home with 9 other hens. (Barred Rocks, Wyandottes, Jubilee Orphington, Silkie, EE, Seramas.)

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