WANTED: Goats in NC

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    Apr 16, 2007
    I need a couple of does. I'd prefer Nigerian Dwarfs. If anyone has some or knows anyone in Wake, Franklin, Vance or Durham counties that has some for sale please let me know. I don't need babies, I'll take an adult. Preferably an adult that's currently producing milk.

    My goat pen is ready (almost)...I just need the goats.
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  2. I think that you've already found us, but if not (or if there's anyone else in/around NC looking for Dwarf Nigerians), we raise them and have several for sale right now. Our farm is Buffalo Creek Farm , which is just north of Winston-Salem.
    If you're interested, go the Nigerian link on our web-site, then select For Sale (under general prices)--there you can see pics of the ones for sale right now. It's constantly being updated as we can get them to stand still enough for pics [​IMG]
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