Wanted:Good Watchdog (Minnesota)

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    Jul 27, 2008
    I think this is the right place to put this.[​IMG]
    I am looking for a dog that would be a good watchdog and family dog or even a pup that has that potential.
    Our big dog is getting older and doesnt hear, see, as well as he used to. Of course he stays but I am going to be searching for another to add to the family.
    With just myself and daughter, I feel safer with a dog around that deters what is not supposed to be here!
    Lets see...I own my house(edge of a small town) so no landlord issues. There is a fenced in back yard but the dog would be inside when we are and outside when we are.
    (Hopefully after the first of the year moving to a hobby farm, been trying to sell this place for a while. Not easy in this economy!)
    Must be tolerant of small dogs (we have dachshunds, they ARE noisy, but not too scary looking,lol)
    I have chickens and quail (have to update my signature) but no cats. There is only one teen and no small children.
    There is someone here most of the time.
    We take our dogs camping, on road trips, walks and out to my parents place in the country. They ARE family members.
    I am not set on any certain breed, the only real requirement is that they are medium to large, just for the looks and hopefully would bark at strangers(human or animal).

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