Wanted in NW Oregon: Older hen for companionship to my hen


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May 18, 2015
Western Oregon
I have a rock hen who lost her companion last weekend, and my new birds are too young and inexperienced for free-ranging with her yet, and she hates being locked up in a coop! So I am hoping perhaps someone on BYC near-ish Portland has a bird they're looking to part ways with. We don't need a layer so if your girl past her productive days we are just fine with that. We'd ideally like something non-aggressive and fairly people social (at least they won't flee the minute they see a human). We can offer a happy retirement home with 24/7 access to food, water, a big comfy barn and daytime free ranging with our horses and goats in our pastures. Friendly birds get the added bonus of daily affection :)

My flock is healthy and I am not interested in bringing in birds with lice/ticks/parasite issues or viruses like Mareks, so if your bird is ill I am sorry to say we can't take her.

I have had poor luck finding anything suitable on sites like craigslist so I thought perhaps someone here could help me out. I am not opposed to paying a reasonable sum even for a non-laying hen, as long as she could be a good companion to my rock hen.

Please feel free to comment or PM if you happen to have a girl who is suitable. Thanks very much for your consideration! :)

(the pic is of my farm in the fall, just something to pretty up the ad

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