Wanted In Pa: Shetland Gander & Pomeranian Gander


10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
Central PA
I am looking for a Shetland Gander. I am also looking for a pure pomeranian gander. My hens are the solid grey on their backs with white bellies. They have pink feet and bills. I have sebastopol gander to trade if anyone is interested in new bloodline for their flock.
Please contact me here or at [email protected].
You didn't post a location nor is there one under your user name. Those would help
Zilla...her state is in the title...PA

Shetlands are very rare.
You may have to resort to getting some shipped to you.
If you got day old goslings it wouldn't be that expensive to ship....around $25. - $30.
As far as locations goes, I live in PA and it's a big state. Depending upon where you live in the state, NY could be close or Maryland or Ohio or West Virginia. You could be in some of these states within minutes.
It would help to know where in PA she or he lives.

For example, there was recently a pair of Pomeranians on the Pittsburgh Craigslist.
Zilla...her state is in the title...PA

Doh! My brain didn't even register it since it was Pa instead of PA​

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