Wanted in US, Silkied Americaunas and Bantam Cochins

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    This is my wanted list for various members across the U.S, whenever I request pops up I usually add it to this list. Due to this I don't know members locations or their price points, I just know who they are and what they want. :)

    I also know Austinspoultry in New Mexico U.S. is looking for Bantam Cochins Hatching eggs so please let him/her know if you have any to sell. @Austinspoultry I don't know his price range.

    Second is blynn in the U.S. He/she is looking for Silkied Ameraucanas hatching eggs or pullets, I don't know his location or price range but please let him know if you have any stock you can sell - @blynn
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