Wanted Japanese/Old engish/Quail Eggs or offer something!

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    May 25, 2009
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    Either this weekend or next weekend I am looking to order 1-2 dozen of eggs to try incubating again if everything goes My way, Please post prices along withs hipping price, Looking for Japanese Buff black tailed or white black tailed. I dont know if quails are still laying or not but I am still looking for some white bobwhite quail to, or maybe some normal color, or if you have other quail post but I am NOT into button quail! Thanks Zip 33852

    Or old english bantam eggs

    Shoot just offer what you have and what breeds and price! I NEED TO INCUBATE SOMETHING AND MY DUCKS ARENT COOPERATING WITH ME!!! [​IMG] Neither are my 14 month old Buff orpingtons who hasnt even gave me a fart egg yet, Im printing a picture of a crock pot and sticking it in their coop soon!
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