wanted: little serama, modern, or other tiny hen in s. cali!

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    Dec 4, 2007
    does anyone have a little hen they'd like to part with? she can be pet quality or be otherwise "imperfect." or she can be show quality - i'm just really taken with the idea ever since i saw SnM's beautiful little hens. i saw some MORE today but the owner didn't want to part with any [​IMG].
    i will pay you cash or bake you cookies or wash your car . . . [​IMG]
    i'd hatch my own out but i just want to add one or two to my little flock. i'll even take a pair (roo included!!!) if i have to. (wow, don't i sound DEPARATE?)
    you darn chicken people have me hooked.
    soon i'll just be injecting adorable chickens into my veins i suppose. sigh.
    i will not buy a bator
    i will not buy a bator
    i will not . . .

    if anyone has anything along these lines please pm, message me on the byc board or you can email me at stustuzim@aol.com

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