Wanted: Long Term Chicken Sitter (formerly titled: lost)


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Hi all. I know this is probably the wrong spot to post,as I am notorious for posting in the wrong spot (sorry Mod's). I live in Atlantic county NJ and HAVE to give my chickens away. But to someone who has the room to free range them,with a place to sleep at night (and dear god not eat them). I raised them by hand and they are quite friendly. A new job opportunity came up and I just don't know what to do,(its out of state and will be a lot of hotel living,until I get settled and figure out what I'm going to do.) I have 2 golden laced wynndotte,2 bared Plymouth,and 2 americana hens. And one New hampshire red rooster.
They are six months old as of Jan 1st. The hens have been laying for about a month or so (and HOLY COW! I had no idea six little hens could lay so many eggs! Maybe someone close by (Buena) could border them for a small fee? I can have someone bring all the food or whatever they need. *wonders* " Do they have places like that"?
Missing them already
. Craig
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Since you don't want to sell them or permanently rehome them, maybe a Want Ad for a Chicken Sitter long-term? Is that what you're asking for before we try to move the thread somewhere?
You could also try posting in your local area under "Where Am I,, Where are you?" section. I have found a lot of great resources for my local area...and if they can't help you-they may know someone that can

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