Wanted! Maran hens!

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    I will pay $15.00 US dollars each for any color of Marans (hens only).They do not have to be show quality. They must be between 2 months and 1 year give or take a little[​IMG]. They need to be located in either the northern part of Oregon, The west part of Idaho, or the eastern part of Washington State. I will pick them up.I might also be able to do shipping depending on how far away you are. They must be in good condition and the owner must have no previous trouble with mites, or lice, or any other parasite. You must also be able to prove that they will lay dark colored eggs. In case you are wondering why I want all these specifics, it's because I am working on starting an egg selling business and I am going to be specializing in dark egg breeds. Please do not worry about where your ladies are going, they will be in nice predator proof pens and get the best of feed and treatment. I am also experienced with this breed because I already have 6 hens. Please pm me if you have any birds you would like to sell. Also when you pm me, send me pics of your ladies. Or you can email me at [email protected], Thanks![​IMG]
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