Wanted: Muscovy In Middle Tennessee


Poultry In Motion
10 Years
Sep 16, 2009
Dover, TN
Male or female...I don't care. It would be a pest controlling pet.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!

dang it! ......you're over 9 hours away.

If you feel like the drive - I have 60 to choose from

make you a great deal

on a more serious note - you should at least get a pair. ducks are a flock animal.

good luck
I don't want any unhappy ducks.
Are they happier with their own kind or will they happily integrate with my little chicken flock?

jbowen9, Virginia is too far away from me but thanks for the suggestion. I appreciated it.
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I think the duck would be more happy with another duck involved in the flock. But if you truly only want one.....get a hen NOT a drake.

When breeding season hits the drake with try with the hens and could really hurt/kill them. Ducks breed in the water sometimes and I've seen a drake pull a hen in the kiddie pool to do it. Not a happy hen.
Check the Nashville craigslist. There's nearly always somebody there selling muscovies. And remember to also look for "mute" ducks, since a lot of people call them that instead of muscovy.

And yes, you need to have at least two or three ducks. One duck will be unhappy!

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